Friday, August 3, 2012

The Dutch Colonial

There is history in this house, this neighborhood, this town.  The Dutch Colonial was built in 1917 along with other homes.  Two wonderful blocks of all-white colonials and bungalows in what was known as Brookdale Park or affectionately called "White City".  The homes were built to house the executives who worked for Scovill Manufacturing Company.  A mall now sits where the factory once stood, when the town once flourished.  The house resides in one of many old mill towns in Connecticut; its heyday long since past.  But there are neighborhoods that still shine, houses that still evoke memories of a time when life was easier, gentler, simpler and perhaps, happier.  It was a time when a family of six (or more) could live happily in a 1400 square foot home with one bathroom and three bedrooms.  Time was spent outdoors riding bikes and swinging on swings, playing tag and hide and seek with neighborhood friends or skating and sledding at the neighborhood park, merely a quick walk or run down the road.  There were neighborhood schools and churches and small "mom and pop" stores, bakeries and restaurants.  Perhaps it is a world too insular to survive in this time of globalization, too weak to withstand those forces steadily eroding its urban neighborhoods, its historical landscape.  They say all things are cyclical.  One can hope.


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