Saturday, August 18, 2012

Magazines, vintage lightbulbs, and networking

glass cloche with nest, vintage oil lamp, and sunflowers

I have an addiction--magazines.  My eyes train on the racks in front of each checkout register as I walk the length of the store.  Home Depot, Lowes, Target, Walmart, store after store, I am a woman on a mission, hoping my favorite of favorite magazines will be waiting there for me. Tonight I bought 2 -- Country French and Cottage Living Fresh Ideas, which contains already published material I am certain I will remember.  The night before I bought another -- Traditional Homes.  I can't help myself.  Having read every magazine I own for the umpteenth time, I decided to check for online sources.  What about blogs?  I wondered.  Lo and behold, it was everything I had hoped to find.  So now I have another addiction . . .  lol

I started my own blog before that, but haven't really ventured out to connect with other bloggers.  I'm not certain about anything right now; I need to figure out what I want from this whole blogging thing.  I want things to just evolve slowly, a discovery of sorts. No pressures.  No need to count hits or comments of which I have none, so no worries there.  ::face palm::

Sunflowers and wire bird cloche from Lucketts

Still working on the house and purchased a neat clear glass pendant light fixture with a filament bulb, very vintage, for the kitchen.  My 19 year old son loves it! The light is not very bright, not very practical, but I think it's pretty cool myself.  Again pictures are on my to do list.  I really have a need to have halfway decent photographs on this blog.  If I am going to do this thing, I'd like to do it right.  Oh, well getting late.  Signing off now.

Vintage style pendant lamp with "Edison" lightbulb from Home Depot