Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Daughter's Room

Pretty in Pink and White

 {I have to say I love how the painted floors turned out after being apprehensive about the project.}

Ethan Allen dresser with Pier One drawer pulls, Pier One rug, Ethan Allen mirror, Ikea lamp, Pier One Monkeys, Colorful throw knitted by Babci (grandmother in Polish), daughter's favorite old television

My son and I are pretty much exhausted.  We have been working on my daughter's room for two days straight.  It isn't a huge room, but my oh my, the things she collects and the things I don't want to part with make for very full closets and bins.  I have storage bin after storage bin overflowing with stuffed animals.  Many I gave to my next door neighbor who has two little girls. Others are going to Goodwill.  Parting with Baby Dumbo and the softest stuffed Teddy Bears and Rabbits and Puppies, well, really it's ridiculous on my part, but knowing they are going to children who will cuddle and love them makes it okay. lol  One thing, I won't part with are her American Girl dolls and all the furniture and accessories. Her Playmobil will go to my nephews and I am giving my sister who is a Kindergarten teacher all the playschool doll houses, as well as, the huge bin of furniture and dolls for her classroom.  This child was overindulged.  ::grin::  Of course, it is all my fault.  I still need to get to her closet.  Her bitty babies' doll collection takes up most of it.

Ikea Daybed, Pottery Barn Wall Shelf, Pottery Barn Pillow Sham, Tommy Hilfiger Comforter, Pier One Monkeys

Well, between gathering up her dolls and toys, I told my son I would like to paint the pine floors with white paint.  The house is old and the pine floors are original to the house.  My dad had sanded and polyurethaned all the floors in the house, but pine is soft and with a family of six (four girls), it has taken a beating.  Moving the furniture from one side of the room to the other, painting that area and waiting for the paint to dry and then moving back the furniture carefully, to continue the process on the other area of the room, worked out well.  And I do love how the paint looks on her bedroom floor and with the large Ikea wardrobe and her white Ethan Allen chest of drawers and it's white round mirror, it really looks lovely.  The wall paint is pretty stand-out, quite bright, but the white furnishings and white floor tone it down a bit.  She loves her bright colors and her bling.

{The cast iron white Scottie with the pink bow was purchased at The Rose Victorian in Yarmouth, Cape Cod, MA, years ago and the large M was made by my daughter in her freshman Art Class.}

Ikea Chifferobe, Ikea Wicker chair, Target pillow, Pottery Barn Chair Cushion, Ikea Chalkboard, Walmart curtains, Pottery Barn Makeup Case and Pottery Barn Lap Desk. Longaberger whitewashed basket.

{Below: pottery barn decal calendar peeking out behind door, backpack (urban outfitters) ready for first day of classes and Above: another view of dresser and eminem}

 Now, it's time to put my feet up and relax.  Tomorrow I am going out into the world as I was holed up all day today.  I'll post pictures soon. Updated with photos of room.