Monday, August 13, 2012

Milk paint and a simple project

Well, it's Monday and school will be starting soon in these parts and that means my daughter's sophomore year of high school and my son's sophomore year of college will be beginning in a few weeks. My son opted for apartment living which meant a trip to Ikea for pots, pans, glasses, dishes and silverware.  He will be headed back to Pennsylvania to a wonderful college on beautiful and historical grounds.  One lucky boy, but hard-working, too, achieving several scholarships!  I have always rewarded my children's scholastic achievements, hoping they can realize their college dreams through academics.  I have always asked them to just try, to do their best and I would be happy for them.  My children are humble, at times uncertain, which keeps them grounded, keeps them striving to work harder. I had always hoped through hard work, the rewards would come.  I was skeptical at times, certain it only happened for others, but I never stopped cheering, rewarding, hoping.  One step at a time, one year at a time. . . 

With the beginning of the school year, there are fresh starts, new beginnings.  I have been having thoughts of leaving this cozy nest, stretching my wings, as well.  This means finishing up projects.  One idea I have been toying with is utilizing counter space for an eating area.  I bought inexpensive bar stools at Target on sale for $18.00 a piece.  They work well with the cabinetry which is all wood-- oak.  The cabinets give the kitchen a glow and when the morning light pours into the dining room it lights up the yellow walls and both kitchen and dining room have such an amazing hue of gold.  I love it! I was in pursuit of a beech or birch counter top at Ikea, Lagan, but was informed it was discontinued.  Very disappointing, but the Sales person suggested Ikea Works might have something. I came across a pine desktop for $50 or so and thought that might do the trick.  I was looking for brackets to attach the pine top to the cabinet counter, but when seeing them, Capita, the height wasn't going to work. My hubby found shorter ones, table legs.  I like the idea of them, giving us the flexibility of removing the pine top if we choose to do that without damaging the counter top.  I am painting it the same color as the beaded board to blend.  I will add before and after pics.  I also am going to edit the pictures on other posts as I was using my iPad.  I need to buy a camera, but nothing too expensive or complicated.

Kitchen counter "before"

Close up of counter add-on

Counter "after"

Long-winded post. 
Oh, and here is one my great grandparents' dressers.  I used bayberry green milk paint on it.  One coat to date, but will touch up the drawers.  I love it and it has a bit of that chippyness on the top and on the sides of the mirror.  I, also, painted white paint (porch paint to be exact. lol) on the large picture frame and sanded it a bit to distress it.  I found the smaller frame at Joann Fabric.  I think it complements the frame I painted quite nicely.  I am pleased with how the dresser and the frame came out on my first attempt using Milk Paint.  I can't wait to try painting other pieces.

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