Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Diane Ethier, Canadian Artist

Diane Ethier  Vague a l'Ame

Diane Ethier
old fishing creel

Diane Ethier

Diane Ethier was born in 1944, in Canada. Her first works in cloth were created at the time she studied textile art at the Centre des Arts visuels de Montreal. Since her works are reproduced, her reputation has spread through out Canada, United States and Europe. With an ingenuous and often humoristic eye, she succeeds in depicting the vast universe of her young characters. Sometimes, a scenario takes shape and continues along short collections of two or three works.

I've been trying to get as much information as I can on Diane Ethier, but have been hitting a dead end.  I am not very good at searching the web for information.  I find it frustrating at best.  Surprisingly, I hadn't really given a thought about the pieces, other than the fact that they have gone from home to home with me, having them for over twenty years.  On the back of the wood block it states bloc satinex and has a series of numbers, so it might have been a limited edition.  It also states made in Canada.  I didn't realize she had such an impressive body of work.  Delightful!

The video gives you a sampling of her work.

xo  Kimberly