Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Historical photograph and collectibles

Life has had its highs and lows these past few days.  Nearly one hundred year old pipes have a tendency to catch debris and create problems.  Dealt with that in short order, though our pockets are a few hundred dollars lighter.  A bit of a bump on the friend front -- long story short, fifteen years of being supportive in a dysfunctional situation was just taking a toll on me.  It was almost a relief in the end.  Not sure if I can or want to continue the friendship.  Those issues tamped down my enthusiasm to share anything here.

But then I decided to go through my dining room hutches and pulled out English china from my fraternal grandmother and some depression glass from my husband's mother, as well as, an amazing coffee set.  I thought I'd share some of my husband's history today.

I have this photo hanging on my refrigerator door.  It's a photograph from my husband's family sent to his father and mother during WWII. They had several relatives living in Poland during World War II.  My father-in-law fought in the Pacific Campaign with the Black Cats. (My husband's parents were much older when they had him.  They were closer to my grandparents' age than my parents'.)  My son has all my late father-in-law's journals and pictures.  He treasures them. 

I found a similar image of Jaslo online:

Jaslo, Poland

My husband loves this Chase Brass and Copper Mfg. Coffee Set.  There is a beautiful tray that goes to it as well.

Coffee set was designed by Walter Von Nessen (1889 – 1943 ) for the Chase Brass and Copper company in 1933.

I love when objects and photos tie into the historical past. 

xo Kimberly