Friday, September 14, 2012

Empathy and Inspiration walk hand in hand

Insight abounds as I wander through the concerns, joys, creations and disappointments of creative women on the web.  One such catalyst was a post by 

These were my thoughts:

I have shared my writing in public forums on the internet and I felt lifted by wonderful comments and flattered by praise, but it is always that one critical message that will send me reeling, believing the one negative review over the many positive words.  So easy to see and believe in the negative, no matter who may support and say otherwise.  It always boils down to self-belief.  I will never be completely there, everyday a struggle, but I believe the key is "creating" for one's self, for the pure love and joy of self-expression.  I often would feel unaccomplished in my life.  What if I don't fulfill God's plan for me?  What if I have a wasted life?  And then it came to me one day --  I have and continue to nurture and care for two wonderful children, guiding them so their own life's plan can be obtained.  As mother, we have been given the most difficult and joyous life plan handed to us from God.  As far as my writing is concerned, although I haven't been published yet (being upbeat), it dawned on me God has heard my words, knows I have put pen to paper, understands the stories I have struggled to tell.  Money is a man-made barometer of success.  One day when I am ready and if it's to be my life's plan, I will have that book.  If not, so be it.  I will always write, always find joy in creating things, but knowing my greatest success in God's eyes will be the two precious souls in my keeping and care.  I believe as Mother, this is the greatest truth.   kbj

My poem in my son's grammar school yearbook  2007

I had the honor of being asked to write a poem for my son's yearbook several years ago and I thought it was fitting, a symmetry of sorts to the conversation. 

Toward Things of Gold

With great hope,
we take that step
toward things of gold
with no regret --
With minds illumined,
we'll shape our path,
as well as, those of
humanity's mass--
With fervent faith
and God's guiding hand,
no doubt we'll achieve
our "life plan" --
So, send us onward
with your gentle touch,
and God's Good Grace
embracing us.

Kimberly Baker Jacovich 2007