Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Through misunderstanding, there is discovery

"I am reading as if it is a book, starting from its roots, the very beginning and now I have come to this chapter and I started to cry because there is peace in realizing and accepting the fear ... always mine even this day, this lovely morning, sitting in my mother's house, gone five years from my life.  She keeps me safe even now, but like you, I must one day live in a tent to realize and accept that fear as fortune.  I know you will not see this as I stole a glance at later chapters and life is abundant and joyful on those pages.  I will read on to capture those moments in between, the true heart of happy endings." -  Kimberly Baker Jacovich 

my fears are many, and of them, failure the behemoth - kbj

As always I am of two distinct places and fit in neither one.  - kbj