Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Bit of This, A Bit of That

Mr.Snowden with his silver bowtie

I have daytime photos of the living room with better lighting.  I also completed the Teddy Bear which will be a gift for my niece.  She'll be here in the morning.  He's sitting on the living room chair waiting for her.  ::grin::    I realized as I was taking shots of the rooms in my house that I have a thing for Warren Kimble Folk Art.  I had taken a trip with my family to Vermont several years ago and stopped at his art studio.  I had purchased two signed prints from the studio shop.  My mother didn't care for a large print I had purchased, until one day after a long silence, she said, " I like it."  It made me happy that she was able to see the beauty in its simplicity.  I have two prints in the dining room and two in the living room and one large print in the bathroom.  It really wasn't intentional on my part.  Certain pieces just appealed to me. 

 Mr. Snowden is a bit timid.

I love the above print.
Warren Kimble signed prints.  My husband had them framed as a gift for me.   

A bit of Fall.  Childhood family photo on sidetable.
My dad constructed the "shadow box" shelves, so I haven't had the heart to change it.  It works well displaying my favorite things.
There is photo of my dad in his Navy uniform on the sidetable and his vintage camera on top of the bookcase.

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