Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall Ahead ...

I did a little painting today with Old-fashioned Milk Paint in Bayberry Green.  I decided to paint a small black table and an old chair I found in the basement.  I need to replace the seat as the caning could not be saved.  I've been working on the teddy bear, as well, though I've been taking my time with it.  The weeks are very full and the weekends are busy with picnics and birthdays.  I miss my son a great deal who is away at college, but I know it is the natural order of things.  A mother has to let her children fly, to not tether them. 

Teddy Bear head with child-safe eyes and nose.  (I always use safety joints and eyes, but will be trying my hand at an "artist" bear.  I hand sew all my bears.)

I ordered a Utility Basket from Pottery Barn and it arrived today.  I tried it in several places and in turn I had to rearrange most of my accessories in my living room and dining room.  I think it came together fairly well, but I might continue to tweak things.  Here are some pictures of living room, dining room and basket. 

A length of burlap, sunflowers - gift from hubby, large black bowl, and grandfather's vintage books.  The larger one is The Werner Universal Educator. 

    Basket from Pottery Barn,  Blue throw from American Vintage Furniture, as well as, little bird and berry wreath.

Added a touch of Fall with a small ceramic pumkin filled with candy treats.
The photos of the living room are far too dark.  I will post better pictures tomorrow.  I love the lamp shades, but the color keeps the light subdued.  I bought two small pieces of folk art years ago at the Cape.  I never tire of them.  There is one hanging next to the bookcase.  In the very dark photo above, you can see the other small picture to the side of the blue chair. 

I love the coziness of the living room.  The earth tones of the chairs, shades, rug and curtains work well against the blue walls and the blue sofa and chair.  The black painted rocker with its oak seat and the black painted coffee table with its oak top pulls in the other black pieces, as well as, complementing the brown tones in the room.  The baskets and throws pick up the blue and brown color scheme.  Another pumpkin sits on the black side table, a subtle shift toward Fall. 

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