Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Very early stories

My very first poem was written when I was eleven years old.  I wrote it for a friend who had died too young.  She had Leukemia - a disease as foreign to an eleven year old as the concept of dying.  But it happened ...  I'm not sure what prompted me to write it, but it was the beginning of discovering self-expression through the written word.  I was quiet, talked too softly, so I was often overlooked in a loud environment.  I didn't mind, preferred it that way most times.  But then there were times I wanted to shout, I am here!  Oh, I had a number of boyfriends and plenty of friends, not a loner at all, just quiet in certain environs.  Oddly enough, I could be the life of the party, if I chose to be -- I suppose it depended on my mood.  We are all so complex and every experience adds to that unique tapestry.

I continued writing after that first poem, getting positive remarks for my words.  As a mother, I was distracted from writing, no time or energy to put down my feelings on paper.  I was at peace, quite happy to just snuggle with my babies.  There is nothing so calming, such absolute peace, as rocking your child to sleep.  It is a moment on this earthly plane next to heaven.  Eternity spent in those special moments would be deemed perfection to me.

But, not quite so perfect are my stories (fanfiction) written years ago, some ten, others even older.  There are moments of almost brilliance and moments that are badly written.  I hope you will overlook the bad and take something from the good.  My greatest flaw is I am too lazy to edit.  I still go back to those stories and reincarnate the "good" for something new I might be working on, remembering what I wrote years before and how well it would fit. 

My stories: (The Magnificent Seven Fandom TV series)

Before the Wind

To Honor My Father

The Crying Waters

Walking the Roots




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