Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dining Room Makeover

yellow wall paint to left, new color to right.  orignal plaster walls - 1916/1917
The shadow box wall was built by my dad. Thinking about opening it up, reverting to original 1917 concept
                                                         Original plaster wall

I love bold colors, but it seems I am going in a more subtle direction in my color choices.  I was leaning toward Gettysburg Gray for the living room.  I recently bought drapery from Lucketts; I could not keep myself from purchasing the curtains.  I had to have them, but now I have to revamp the entire living room because I just had to have them.  I wanted to change things up anyway, but I'm feeling a bit uncertain at this moment.  It will pass.  I get like that in the midst of upheaval.  I really did love my yellow (Ralph Lauren color or Laura Ashley -- I forget) dining room, (the color choice now is a concotion of sorts, not liking the first color picked added different tints to it -- it's a color with no name). But it needed to be done correctly, painting over wallpaper felt so wrong to me.  I need to do some shopping for accessories, lamp shades, et al, which isn't really a bad deal at all. 

xo  Kimberly

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