Thursday, October 11, 2012

On this October morning

The amazing birdsong this moment and the slight chill wind surrounds me. I am present.  A blue jay on the roof with such authority searches the gunmetal gutters, its talons, click, click on the tinny surface and then gone.  Too meager a fare, I am certain for such a lively sort.  

My son returned to school this past Tuesday and I miss him sorely.  I am not sure why it is harder this year as the time prior.  He is no longer mine, in a sense, becoming the man he envisioned in little boy dreams.  Either the world oceans or the universe, biologist or physicist -- choosing the latter.  His mind is amazing, brilliant, and I am in awe most times we speak.  But I have taught him kindness and genorosity and nurtured within a giving heart, as well as, tolerance for the haughty and the lesser among us.  

I once was told my son walked humbly.  No greater compliment bestowed.   

I think of my son this October morn and I am pleased with life even though ofttimes bittersweet.


Matt Inwood said...

A lovely little piece, Kimberly. I didn't know pride until I had a child. Children can make you swell like nothing and no-one else can. I hope you are soon distracted enough not to miss yours too keenly: I can't begin to imagine what that is going to feel like.

Kimberly said...

Thank you, Matt. As they grow, the relationship becomes on a more equal footing. it is one of mutual respect if you have done your job correctly. I miss the company of my son, but I know he is growing, learning, finding his way in the world. And again, if you have done your job correctly, they will want to be in your company as well.

As you said, distractions, namely writing, will fill the void. It just takes a bit of adjustment after having him home for a few days. Thank you for your kind words.