Monday, August 27, 2012

A day late and a dollar short ...

Delving into this blog world of decorators, crafters and their ilk, I find myself feeling as if I have come to the party a tad late.  So many women have or are now benefitting from the fruits of their labor, having been blogging for years.  I haven't yet come across the fledgling blogger, decorator, crafter, only those with flourishing Etsy shops, stores or the like.  Many travel to France to scour the flea markets, have their homes featured on all the home decor magazines -- so very different than what I imagined to be a community of women creatively managing a single income while creatively making a unique and pretty home.  Their drive, their ambition is commendable, but at what price?  Does the family benefit or suffer?  I am certain it is just my poor time management skills that make me wonder these things as I read in amazement of their day to day accomplishments.  I'm lucky to fit in a twenty minute workout three times a week.  With a labrador/retriever mix puppy (rescue dog), my house could and should have a vacuuming every day, but some days I just say screw it.  (I suddenly forgot how to spell vacuuming. lol  I hope that's correct.)  Didn't sleep well because my daughter had first day of school jitters last night.  I digress.  I didn't enter this blogging world with a clear objective, but merely to keep a journal of sorts and to showcase my house with all of its worts and imperfections. Oh, and since I'm on the subject, a little color in a home can be a wonderful thing. I am hard-pressed to find a home on these blogs that isn't stark white.  I do like the look, but I sometimes feel individuality is lost.  Now take this month's Country Living's cover shot.   The green, black and white just pops off the page.  Wow!  And how daring those men were to paint their walls black.  I understand the beauty of white. Ethereal, serene.  With industrial touches and vintage wood pieces, it is beyond fabulous and I feel torn.  But I need more; I need color.  I guess my daughter and I have something in common in our worlds:  jitters.  I told her she'll be just fine because she is both beautiful and bright.  Self-belief is the key.  Mom needs a dose herself.  ::grin::

My sad little darling.  lol

Have a great day! xo  Kim

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