Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Little More Chippiness or is it Chippyness?

Great grandmother's victorian rocker and Ethan Allen Chest painted with Black Milk Paint.  I really love how aged everything appears in this shot.  Very Vintage!  Very Cool! 
Pennsylvania Pear Crate from Terrain, Westport,CT, wicker basket vase/bottle from Lucketts online store, bud wreath from Mark's Gardens, Watertown, CT 

Love the chippiness of the panels
As I said, I wasn't completely happy with the black chest I recently painted with black milk paint.  I am slowly getting used to how to apply it and when not to overdo it.  I sometimes forget the adage, "less is more", and can overdo things.  I felt the small door panels weren't taking the paint well and went over the area several times without waiting for the first coat to dry.  I need to "trust" the paint more to do its thing.  It's a learning experience that really hasn't rendered anything unusable.  Thank goodness!  I have to look into the whole waxing thing too.  I like simple and easy.  So far the process of painting with milk paint seems relatively easy.  But it might be because I'm not doing things correctly.  I like the end product so I guess that's all that matters for now.  Below is a before shot of the Ethan Allen piece.  It was in great shape and looked quite nice, but it seemed too neat, too perfect for the look I wanted. 

The Ethan Allen piece before the milk paint.  I'm loving the transformation of taking a newer piece of furniture and aging it with milk paint.  I am a happy camper now.  ::grin::

xo  Kim

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