Friday, August 24, 2012

Front Porch Makeover

As I mentioned in another post, I always wanted a porch swing and this summer my husband fulfilled that wish for me.  As my son became more involved with caring for his room, he began to do his own decorating.  To my chagrin, he decided many years ago to remove a wonderful Ethan Allen piece from his bedroom.  It ended up on my front porch, not wanting to part with it.  I tried my hand at painting it with black milk paint recently.  I liked the results, but I didn't love it.  I find I have a very critical eye when it comes to my own work.  I have a hard time being objective.  I often wondered what I would have thought on inital viewing if it had been someone else's piece of painted furniture.  Probably covet it. ::head desk::

I also painted an old white bookcase in bayberry green milk paint which I liked a lot better than the black chest.  I haven't touched the antique rocker yet.  Need to give that some thought.  I placed the burlap wreath in the window.  It looks very sweet hanging there.  All in all, I like how the porch evolved.  I love the swing in the evening and tonight I spotted deer in the cemetery across our road.  As the highway is closeby, I pray the deer are safe in their travels. 

Favorite places
View from interior of house
View of front door with wreath from Terrain (Westport,CT) and Pineapple Welcome flag from Mark's Garden in Watertown, CT
View from front door
Pear crate from Terrain, rose bud wreath from Mark's Gardens in Watertown,CT, Wicker holder and glass vase from Lucketts.  Milk painted chest and victorian rocker. 
I have a few more pictures, but I think that gives an idea of the porch.  I love this space and spend many hours on the porch.  I remember as a child when the thunderstorms blew in, the family would gather on the porch and watch the storm.  I now watch the storms with my own children, remembering ...

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