Monday, August 27, 2012

A Vintage Music Sheet Wreath and Vintage Photographs

An interesting photograph
Great Uncle helping with costume 
Great Uncle in performance costume

In my great uncle's photo album

 I came across a wonderful, crafty wreath project on Miss Mustard Seed

I found old music books of my grandfather and great uncle's.  My great uncle had taken piano lessons when he was a boy and had a gift for singing.  He ventured to New York City to fulfill a dream of being on the stage.  Above are wonderful vintage photographs of my great uncle in costume, cast in the chorus of an opera.  My grandfather's family were from New York City and had a thriving mill.  I was told my great-grandmother was an editor for a German newspaper, a great-great uncle a judge and another in a high position in the New York City police department.  Geneology is next on my to do list. lol  My grandfather would tell stories about New York (the one of the opium dens is forever entrenched in my mind) and I have an amazing photograph of my Grandad on a yacht on the Hudson River.  My great-great grandparents also had a farm in Nyack along the Hudson River.  Crossing the Tappenzee this summer on our way to the Outerbanks, I longed to explore the town and the gorgeous hills bordering the river.  It looked idyllic.  All these memories surfaced as I thumbed through the books, setting aside many of the vintage piano books for my daughter who has been playing piano for over seven years.

I came across a wonderful, crafty wreath project on Miss Mustard Seed who referred to and 

I decided to use a paper plate for the ring/wreath form.  (Not the flimsy kind.)  I cut a small circle in the center of the paper plate, placing it bottom side up, and then began to make cones from the sheets of music.  I initally used masking tape to hold the cone in place, but then decided to just get on with it using a glue gun.  As the music sheets were old, they were quite fragile to the touch.  Manuevering the cone and glue gun was a bit difficult, but I have to say the burning fingers from the hot glue was the worst part of the process.  My daughter called me a wimp. lol  I used large sheet music and found a smaller book of hymns, a bit more aged.  I place the large music sheets first around the paper plate ring and then I added 8 of the smaller sheets on top of the large sheet music and 8 on the bottom.  I did this because I ran out of sheet music, but I have to say, I like it.  I like the symmetry and the two tones of the sheet music.  I had one last sheet of music left and decided to cut a circle in it and place it in the center of the wreath.  It had the title Sanctus which I believe means Holy in Latin. I think it will make a wonderful Christmas Wreath. Now, to make a long story short, you can see the wreath below:

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