Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Writing and a Productive Day

I have always loved writing:  contemporary fiction to short stories to free-verse poetry to historical fiction.  I've always written.  Over ten years ago, I happened upon fanfiction of my favorite television western.  I love westerns; have loved them since I was a kid.  I clearly remember at two or three years of age a page out of a coloring book I chose to color.  It was a cowboy hat and boots.  So with that said, stumbling across stories written about my favorite television show at the time was a wonderful discovery, a great gift.  I decided to try my hand at a short story and then I was hooked, writing story after story.  I have written stories in The Magnificent Seven fandom (not available online), The Lancer fandom and The Big Valley fandom.  I've also dabbled in a few others, but the western fandoms will always be my first love.  I'd like to share a few of them now.

My Stories

A Mother's Boquet

For If They Fall

A good start to my morning

A handsewn teddy bear's head in a #27 red bucket from Lucketts. Can't wait to finish him!
Used the twine from Lucketts today to make a Fall banner --  brown cards and  Sunflower and letter stamps.  (This is difficult to make out, so I will try again in the morning. Very sorry.)
Daughter's music books.  Love to listen to her play: Music of the Night, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Raise You Up, Swan Lake ... just lovely! Actually posted this pic to point out the Spool of Twine and Scissors from Lucketts. Useful and decorative. I am addicted to that store. lol

I stripped the fabric off the rocker today.  First black & white toile, then Laura Ashley fabric I used in my daughter's nursery (Cow jumped over the moon ...), then another fabric and then another my sister had put on and then some very, very vintage fabric of my grandmother's or perhaps older. 
I was this close to keeping it as it was vintage fabric, but it was pretty threadbare and I tore it a bit.  I decided to use the ticking I bought today. I have a deep and abiding fondness for ticking and I just love this rocker so much now!  The porch has a beaded board ceiling in white and the wood floor is grey, but both need painting.  Windows need painting, too, hopefully the glaze is in decent shape.  My gambrel colonial needed all new windows because the glazing was falling off in pieces.  Old houses need such tender loving care.   
xo Kim

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